Have you taken the Eastsound Vision survey yet?

  • Wed Nov 1st, 2017 10:01am
  • Life

Submitted by Paul Kamin

The last day that Orcas residents have to take or complete the online survey that is posted at EastsoundVision.com is Sunday, Nov. 5.

The survey is an initiative of the volunteer Eastsound Planning and Review Committee (EPRC). It has been designed to get community feedback on a wide range of recommendations for the future of Eastsound Village. The survey’s recommendations were the product of extensive deliberation of dozens of citizens in a very homegrown process. EPRC hopes that well-supported recommendations for the future of Eastsound will be incorporated into the county’s comprehensive plan and Eastsound Sub Area plan updates.

More than 300 people have completed the survey, and another 200 are at some stage in the process of completing it. Residents of Orcas have until Sunday night, Nov. 5, the complete the survey and share their ideas related to Eastsound open space, trails, land use, building heights and parking issues.

You can learn more about the survey at EastsoundVision.com. Individual responses will not be released to the public, and you can take the survey using an alias if you wish. Most folks take about 90 minutes to go through the 60 questions.