EDC invites San Juan County knowledge workers to informal meet-up

  • Fri Dec 14th, 2018 1:30am
  • Life

Submitted by the San Juan County Economic Development Council.

The Economic Development Council is working to create a knowledge worker network for islanders who work with code, data, graphics or words. Knowledge worker jobs include computer programming, editing, web design, engineering/scientific consulting, and others that primarily involve creating, manipulating, or analyzing information. Projects often involve combinations of these types of jobs (e.g., coding and design, or data analysis and writing).

A knowledge worker network could promote economic development by helping locals to find off-island clients, bringing more revenue and higher incomes to the islands. In addition, it would help local businesses find local talent more easily.

The EDC invites knowledge workers and those who work with them to attend an informal meetup on Jan. 16 from 2-3 p.m. at the Orcas Island Library and a second meeting on Feb. 6 at the San Juan Island library from 2:30-3:30 PM. These are follow-ups to the EDC’s well-attended meetup on San Juan Island on Oct. 24. In addition, the EDC has started an online group for San Juan County knowledge workers and other interested people. More information is available on the EDC website at www.sanjuansedc.org/kwn. If you would like to join, contact us at mickey@sanjuansedc.org.