Colleen James releases first book of poetry

  • Sat Aug 10th, 2019 1:30am
  • Life

Long-time Lopez resident Colleen James has released a book of poetry.

James is an artist and gallery owner whose work includes figurative sculpture, drawings, cameo jewelry and poems.

She began publishing her poems in The Islands’ Weekly newspaper in 2018. After receiving positive feedback from readers, James created a published collection called “Time With Me.” It features 63 poems that range from the irreverent to the poignant.

The book is dedicated to her daughter Michele, granddaughter Colleen and late husband Doug.

It is available at Darvill’s Bookstore on Orcas and Lopez Bookstore and Gallery 10, both in the heart of Lopez Village.

Below is a sampling from the collection.

Time to rock ‘n roll

The melody stays the same

But you keep changing the lyrics

Just when I think I’ve got it right

You say I’ve got it wrong

I’m tired of the blues

I want to rock ‘n roll

So I think it’s time to move on

Sing solo for a while

How do you like THOSE lyrics