Carl Burger and Tow-Away Zone to perform

  • Fri Jul 20th, 2018 1:30am
  • Life

Performing at the Brown Bag Concert at noon in Emmanuel Episcopal Parish on Wednesday, Aug. 1 will be Carl Burger and Tow-Away Zone.

Tish Knapp and Marj Franke will join Burger on stage. Knapp is a southern belle who has lived on Orcas for more than 40 years. She taught literature and creative writing for 26 years at Orcas High School. Knapp has been singing with Carl and Marj for two years and loves singing close harmony. Franke calls herself a newcomer with deep roots. She and her husband Fred moved to Orcas in 2009. Franke nurtures herself by painting, giving massage and, of course, singing, anything, anytime, anywhere!

Burger is a State Park Ranger turned Spring Bay Innkeeper. He began playing guitar and banjo in 1962. The three are delighted to welcome you to a half-hour of musical blending, traditional with irreverence, editorializing with nostalgia, slapstick with serenity. Guitarist Burger offers an element of “quirkiness” with an opening solo recital, setting the stage for collaboration this year with co-conspirators Knapp and Franke.

There is no charge for the concert but the Music Committee appreciates donations to fund the Virgil Cleveland Memorial Scholarship program that sends promising Orcas music students to summer music camp.