Annual Master Gardeners Native Plant Sale

  • Mon Mar 11th, 2019 1:30am
  • Life

Submitted by the Master Gardeners.

Just in time for spring planting – and spring is coming. The Native Plant sale takes place at the San Juan County Fairgrounds, 849 Argyle Ave., Saturday, March 16, from 9 a.m. – noon.

There are hundreds of natives in containers, including flowers, grasses, shrubs and trees.

Plants from the Salish Seeds project, who grow species native to county grasslands, oak savannahs and prairies, are included. Plants are grown at Red Mill Farm in San Juan Valley.

Some of the spectacular flowers to be sold include the chocolate lily, shooting star, Douglas aster, prairie star, nodding onion, fawn lily, and both the great and common camas.

Shrubs include red flowering currant, evergreen huckleberry, Oregon grape and our state flower, the Pacific rhododendron.

This year there are madrones in addition to Garry oaks. Madrones can be successfully transplanted. Be sure to handle the roots gently when spreading them in the planting site. Do not fertilize or add compost to the soil. Water infrequently, but deeply, until established. Madrones prefer drier soils.

And for the adventurous — skunk cabbage! A beautiful harbinger of spring, there are both plugs and plants. Skunk cabbage produces its own heat, allowing it to flower when the ground is still frozen.

This is a partial list; there will be more plants at the sale. Please arrive early for best selection. Information on how to plant your natives is available at the sale. Cash and checks accepted only. For more information about Master Gardeners, visit