4-H meetings at the grange

  • Sat Jun 2nd, 2018 1:30am
  • Life

by Sofia Fleming and Izie Janecek

Fur and Feathers

If you were to come to an Orcas Island Fur and Feathers 4-H meeting, you would hear kids laughing and chattering, chickens squawking and goats bleating outside.

The 4-H club meets every month and they “learn by doing” in animal care, anatomy and handling in preparation for the San Juan County Fair, where the kids show off their arts, crafts and animals every year. Participation in 4-H leads to valuable life skills and leadership that can last a lifetime.

Through the club kids can run for 4-H office, visit the capital to learn about government, auction off their livestock or artwork, raise chickens, rabbits or cavey and so much more.

The club meeting accommodates large amounts of people (and animals), which could not be possible without the Orcas Grange’s space. In the grange the kids get an opportunity to conduct a meeting and do demonstrations on the stage. They can also go outside onto the lawn to play with larger animals like sheep or goats.

Our next meeting will be held at the end of June, and we will once again enjoy the amenities the grange has to offer.