‘3 % Thursday’ to benefit Farm to Cafeteria

  • Sun Aug 5th, 2018 1:30am
  • Life

Two years ago, the Orcas Food Co-op launched a Community Shopping Day program called “3% Thursdays.” On the third Thursday of each month, 3 percent of the gross receipts of Orcas Food Co-op are donated to pre-selected community organizations. Last month, “3% Thursday” and “Roundup at the Register” sales contributed a total of $1462.66 to The Funhouse Commons. This month the Farm to Cafeteria Program will receive 3 percent of the gross receipts of Orcas Food Co-op sales on Thursday, Aug. 16.

“The program is dedicated to connecting children with real food,” said Ashley Randall, a spokesperson for The Farm to Cafeteria Program. “All elementary students gather in our school garden to learn how to grow, harvest, and properly prepare fresh food for consumption. Our cafeteria staff partners with island farms to procure quality meats and produce for school lunches. Middle schoolers meet the artisans and tour the farms (and co-op!) that build our local food system. We welcome you to visit our garden this summer!”

You can also round-up at the register all month long to donate to The Farm to Cafeteria Program. Organizations are eligible for the program based on their service to the community in the following areas: service organizations, organic food, healthy food for children or seniors, environmentally friendly and sustainable agricultural practices, human rights, environmental preservation and groups with similar missions and values.