2011 Pet Parade and Bite of Orcas: tail-wagging, gourmet delight

A small onlooker peers into a cage of Silver Fox rabbits.

Hundreds thronged to balmy Eastsound on Saturday to enjoy the Pet Parade and Bite of Orcas.

While proud pet owners carried and pulled in wagons an assortment of handsome critters to include pigeons, turtles, mice, favorite stuffed animals, rabbits and cats, the canines carried the day by sheer numbers and enthusiasm.

There were green dogs, blue dogs, red dogs, white dogs. Dogs wearing hats, dresses and capes. Dogs greeting one another in typical doggy fashion or rolling over to have their bellies scratched.

It is possible the town has never before been so full of dogs, although an official tail count has not yet come in. A procession of children atop graceful equines brought in the rear, keeping their calm despite the furry hubbub flowing about their ankles.

Everyone got along remarkably well, and the parade ended with cheerily flailing tails swooping toward the scent of wood-fired pizza, King crab-laced cioppino, sugary cake pops, barbecued chicken wings and more in the Bite of Orcas tent, where vendors tempted the crowd with mouth-watering wares to benefit Wolf Hollow Wildlife Rehabilitation Center.