What is a county fair? | Letters

County Fairs generally have livestock shows, competitions for best critter, best hay, best dog, best cat, best rabbit, chicken, horse, pig, cow, goat, sheep, flowers, vegetables, art, photography … and, and, and more.

4-H is the main producer of animals, some to be sold at auction, some to be shown for their beauty or unusual markings. Most animals are a year-long project for the kids where they keep track of feed, expenses, medications and growth among other things. Some of the larger livestock are then sold at the 4-H auction and help the kids finance college and other expenses.

Many of the younger kids start with chickens and rabbits for their 4-H projects, and of course, there are the horse kids, again a year-long project which often continues into adulthood. The rabbits and chickens have races, just for fun and of course a ribbon. The horses have gaming and exhibitions to show how skillful the riders are.

The San Juan County Fair has an Agriculture Guild that showcases islands’ ag products, teaches and informs the fairgoers as to what it all means and shows what it takes to produce some of the best wool, grass, grains and other foodstuffs that we prize here. The Washington State University has an extension office on San Juan Island to facilitate ag production.

So, whatever you are looking for, you’ll probably find it at the San Juan County Fair! See you there.

Barbara Bevens

San Juan County Fair Board