Vote ‘yes’ on the school bond | Letter

Built in 1957, Orcas Island Public School’s Old Gym is turning 60 this year. The gym is home to elementary and middle school PE and throughout the years, it has been the forum for school athletic events including volleyball and basketball games. Countless K-12 students have participated in PE and after school athletics in this gym. Many memories have been made in this “Hoosier” style complex

Being 60 years old, the gym needs renovation and help if it is to carry all of us for another 60 years. The gym is used 24/7 by schools, Park/Rec and community music groups, just to name a few. Without this gym, the entire community would suffer for a place to hold all of the present day activities.

It is time for the community to step up and support a facility that has been a part of Orcas for 60 years.

Please vote for the upcoming school bond which will renovate and add life to this great structure.

We all use and love the Old Gym.

Dan Drake