Vote no PHD | Letters

Thank you, Mrs. Murdock, for your PHD viewpoints.

Yes, the referral of specialists is a Kaiser policy issue. However, there are a very small number of specialists at UW in the Kaiser core network. UW receives no revenue when patients see Kaiser specialists at non-UW medical facilities. This is a problem for UW.

Yes, the contract demands unconditional assignment of the UW agreement and unanimous agreement by the commissioners. Unconditional, not limited by conditions, absolute. This is a long way from “good faith negotiations.”

There is no provision for UW to pay for the transition costs back to Orcas Medical Foundation if the PHD vote fails; or if UWP leaves the Orcas Medical Center.

Yes, the coalition is proposing short- and long-term financing. Review the pamphlet the coalition distributed. Exhibit B of the agreement does not have factual and accurate information regarding the Orcas Medical Foundation financials. The coalition used this data for their projection of shortfalls.

Considerations: Dr. Russell operated a successful practice with no tax revenues. It can be done.

There is very little funding from the San Juan PHD going to private practices.

Because UWP does not qualify for Rural Health Care reimbursements, it loses $300,000 to $350,000 of revenue per year.

The amount of property taxes a PHD can generate is limited by state statutes. What happens if the amount of revenue needed exceeds the statutory limit? There are no guarantees of reliable, sustainable revenues from a PHD.

Why did UWP partner with OMF when they knew they would always operate at a loss?

Do you, the property owners of Orcas, want to be incurring ever-increasing property taxes to fund a PHD supporting clinics operating at losses?

Vote “No PHD.” Hire professional consultants and auditors; research all relevant and factual information to determine the best course of action.

Dave Ecklund

Orcas Island