Vote Boteler for PHD | Letters

There are five qualities that I consider when I evaluate candidates who are asking for my vote: 1) Experience; 2) Intellect; 3) Judgment; 4) Temperament; and 5) Demeanor.

I write in support of electing Dr. Diane Boteler to the founding board of the (hopefully) new Orcas Island Public Hospital District (PHD), as I have direct experience of her excellence in all of those areas.

Diane is a long-practicing MD in a great variety of rural settings, including many years on Orcas; she is super bright and creative in areas like problemsolving or finding the right balance among diverse and competing requirements; she is thoughtful and careful in her decisions and responsive to nuanced circumstances, considering long-term effects as well as short-term solutions; she is kind, nonjudgmental and caring in her personal and professional communications; and finally, she is respectful, listens closely to others’ points of view, and is thoroughly professional in behavior and speech.

I simply can’t imagine anyone else better able to help get our Orcas PHD off on the correct path. And I should add that I would love to be able to vote for her for a much higher office in the future.

Harvey Himelfarb

Orcas Island