Volunteer for hearts and hands | Letter

With the creation of the Orcas Senior Center Administrator position the Operations Committee has begun to make the Hearts and Hands a core program at the Senior Center. The same services will continue to be offered, but they will now be supported and administered by the staff of the Senior Center. Changes made to the program will allow us to expand our opportunities for funding and to plan for the expansion of services as demands increase on the island.

Since Hearts and Hands joined the Orcas Island Senior Center in 2009, it had been administered by an independent contractor. In 2014 the Operations Committee was advised to invite the coordinator of the Hearts and Hands program to become a staff member of the Senior Center. With the hiring of Celia Farr-Smith this October 2016, we have achieved this goal. The position of Senior Center Administrator will carry out the task of collecting and reporting on Hearts and Hands volunteer hours while providing support to the Senior Center Manager in achieving the vision of the Operations Committee for a successful Senior Center.

Recruitment and oversight of volunteer activities at the Orcas Senior Center will continue to be managed by Arron Redford, Senior Center Manager. In collaboration with the county staff, the Senior Center will draw from one collective pool of volunteers to offer facility support, to participate in fundraising activities, and to support our programs: Hearts and Hands, transportation, and Meals on Wheels and More.

The mission of the Hearts and Hands program is for volunteers to provide practical and emotional support to assist isolated, ill, frail, elderly, or disabled adults in maintaining independence and improving their quality of life. This program will continue to offer friendly visits and companionship, practical assistance to those in need, caregiver respite, transportation assistance and phone pal check-in.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer or if you or someone you know is in need of assistance from a Hearts and Hands volunteer, please contact Arron Redford at 360-376-7929 or orcasseniorcenter@gmail.com.

Orcas Senior Center