Thank you, Orcas | Letter

After my husband Duane passed away, I have so many people to thank that I hardly know where to begin.

I will start with the knowledgeable and compassionate EMTs and paramedics who came to our house on more than one occasion.

When Duane fell in the orchard, the AirLift NW helicopter was called in and landed down at Rosario quickly. What a service they provide! We went to Harborview Trauma Center and, after a week, to Whatcom Hospice. The atmosphere at the hospice is gentle, warm and caring.

I did not go out much in late August. My wonderful neighbors and friends brought me delicious meals and checked in regularly. You all helped keep me going during this time.

For the celebration of life, held at the Orcas Senior Center, the staff and volunteers were wonderful, helping us with the setup and the catering. And thank you to those who have made donations to the Orcas Senior Center in lieu of flowers. You have all been wonderful.

Beverly Franklet

Orcas Island