Thank you, OMC & OIFR | Letter

Monday, Feb. 27 found me making an emergency visit to OMC due to a “medical event.” Once there, the superb team of Dr. Giefer, Ravin and Leisha sprang into action to assess the situation. Suddenly it looked like an impromptu party had begun with Patrick, Bryce and RJ from OIFR appearing like magic in the room, finding my veins and starting life-saving fluids. The decision to fly me off to Bellingham was nixed due to the sudden wild snow storm we were experiencing, so the gallant fellows from OIFR trundled me into an ambulance and off we went to catch the 12:55 p.m. ferry to Anacortes.

Outside the ambulance, snow whirled in all directions and the roads were slick with vehicles sliding off this way and that to make way for us to get through. Inside the ambulance, the OIFR team was contacted about another emergency which had just occurred. Like a fine-tuned engine, the professionals in the ambulance coordinated a speedy response for the second emergency managing to get a boat, captain and crew to take the car crash victims to Bellingham all the while making sure I was comfortable. All in a day’s work!

My heartfelt thanks and great appreciation go to OMC’s dedicated, caring and wonderful Dr. Giefer and his fantastic staff and to the marvelous, hardworking OIFR team for handling a tricky situation on a wild, snowy day with professionalism and aplomb.

We who are fortunate enough to live on this incredibly beautiful island are also the most fortunate folks on the planet to have the combined teams of OMC and OIFR to come to our rescue. Thank you.

Susie Ward