Thank you for DH fireworks show | Letter

We would like to thank the Orcas Island Fire Department and the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office for help with this year’s fireworks show.

We would also like to thank all of those who donated to make this year’s Deer Harbor Fireworks show possible. Without your donations we could not afford to put the show on. Unfortunately, we have not covered the cost of this years show, so please help donate if you can if you would like to see the show in the future.

This was the 25th Annual show and with help from the Orcas Island community we were able to continue a great Orcas Island tradition. Hopefully you enjoyed the show with friends and family and thanks again for supporting such a fun cause.

Thank you donors and volunteers: Orcas Fire, SJC Sheriff’s Office, Betsy Wareham, Wyndham Resorts, Terry and Carroll Neill, Slim and Mimi Sommerville, Tye and Barbara Rosenkotter, Malcolm Goodfellow, Douglas McCarville, Bob and Sue Foulk, Linda Sacks, Jen Jay Diving, Sue and Walt Farley, Shane and Nicole Westergaard, Henigson Family, Jaime Martin, Broman Marine Consulting, Deer Harbor Marina, My Island Pie, Carol Currie, Wes Heinmiller and Alan Stameisen, Carol and Kevin McCoy, Deborah Helsell, Margaret Mills, Michelle and Pat Needham, Mariam Ziegler, Christy Zimlich, Steve Spence, Meghan and Lincoln Gable and Gregory H. Von Geer.

The Deer Harbor Marina Crew