Support for UW Medicine | Letters

As we approach this season of gratitude, high on my list is living in a community that has forward-thinking residents who have stepped up to achieve the unique goal of health care for all on Orcas Island. Their first accomplishment has been to attract the University of Washington Rural Medical Program (rated #1 in the USA) to Orcas. I support their efforts and results and look forward to voting for commissioners who will make this goal a reality.

Of course, this transition has not been without its bumps. I’m speaking from experience as a Kaiser Permanente Medicare Advantage member and a returning patient to the medical center.

Our medical center is undergoing a complete transformation. Further, Dr. Alperin, who will be its chief, is not arriving until mid-November. The center had two options: close till everything was up and running smoothly or keep providing medical care during the transition. They chose to be there for us. I think they should be applauded for their caring decision.

Penny Buttke

Orcas Island