Sheriff Krebs handled bear situation well

Dear Sheriff Ron Krebs, thank you for your positive and professional action to assist the “Bear Foot Bandit” find a new home in the Cascade Mountains. Your work with the State of Washington to trap and remove this bear resolved a potentially serious danger on Orcas Island. We commend you for your calm and deliberate action to protect the people of Orcas Island, our dogs and the bear. Biologists with solid knowledge about bear behavior strongly support the work and action of you, your staff and the State of Washington.

It is clear that you listen to the recommendations of other people, analyze evidence and make decisions that enhance the safety and security of the residents and visitors to San Juan County.

During my 35 years of work with the National Park Service we had issues with black bears, grizzly bears, coastal bears {aka Kodiak bears} at Glacier National Park, Rocky Mountain National Park, Denali National Park and Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Parks.

Thank you, Sheriff Krebs, for your superior resolution of this complex challenge.

Tom Ritter

Orcas Island