Response to Steve Henigson letter | Letters

This is a reply to Steve Henigson’s comments on my story, “A Cautionary Tale,” concerning arming teachers, which appeared in the Islands’ Sounder in early March. Mr. Henigson asks if the shooting by the teacher I described really happened. No, not yet. My story is fiction. But an accidental shooting by a frightened armed teacher is not implausible. My story was a metaphor. Hence, “Cautionary” and “Tale” in the title. He says the student would have heard the security guard despite his earbuds. My experience is that the high-decibel level of music that many young people listen to can prevent them from hearing me. Even if I shout. Mr. Henigson also says that the teacher would have recognized the student before firing. I suggest he reread the story. She never saw the student – he was on the other side of the door.

He may be willing to rely on the efficacy of teachers’ gun training. I am not. Even trained police officers make mistakes.

Hank Pollard

Orcas Island