Re: Cost of a track | Letter

In a recent article, Justin Paulsen expressed concerns about the cost of maintenance that a track would bring. The cost to maintain all the fields, as he mentioned, will certainly exceed the $7,500 for the track surface alone.

What was not noted was the fact that the donor family has already established a $1.2 million endowed fund at the Orcas Island Education Foundation for OISD. This is in addition to the $1 million dedicated for the track. The endowment will generate $50,00-60,000 annually. These funds are available to the district to use for maintenance, or new lights, as Bea von Tobel suggested, or whatever the district administration prioritizes.

The improvements made throughout the school campus following the first phases of the remodeling have truly brought the middle school, cafeteria and library to a whole new level, sending the message to students and teachers alike that we value their efforts and education. This next phase will bring the rest of the campus up to the same level.

Thanks to the school board and the voters for making our schools a great place to learn and play. We are looking forward to voting yes on the upcoming school bond.

Hilary Canty and Henry Date

Orcas Island