Protect our public lands

I am deeply concerned about recent executive order attempts to undermine our national monuments and to roll back protections for public lands. Protected public lands are an important part of what makes America.

National monument designations are supported from coast to coast and provide a myriad of benefits to local communities, including economic boosts from tourism, places to enjoy the outdoors, clean air and water, protection for ecologically sensitive areas, and windows into our country’s history.

Sending a signal that protections for our shared history, culture, and natural treasures are temporary would set a terrible precedent. National monuments have been shown to be tremendous drivers of the $887 billion outdoor recreation economy and businesses rely on the permanency of these protections when making decisions about investing in these communities.

These landmarks, landscapes, and seascapes have value which far exceeds their physical features. They manifest the core democratic ideals of freedom, justice, and equality. They are our legacy to our children and our children’s children, and a gift that belongs to all Americans.

I am firmly opposed to any effort to revoke or diminish protections for any of our national monuments.

Phyllis Henigson

Deer Harbor