Our island is real, not real estate

Welcome to our new islanders. You have probably bought land on our island because of the trees, water, natural beauty, creative arts, cultural scene, unique inhabitants and the opportunities for isolation.

We welcome you in joining us to steward what we have, what you came here for.

Our island is REAL, not real estate.

We hope you will join us in becoming stewards of our island’s true wealth.

We can create a different model of change which preserves the neo-indigenous way of life and stewardship of the island ecosystem.

At the same time, we share what is here without destroying it.

Please do not alter our island’s ecosystem. This is done by well-meaning “new folks” following “old ways” bringing “mainland ways” to our island. Please join us as island “stewards” rather than “owners.”

Writing of “Martha’s Vinyardification”

Provides us advanced realization

To lose fishing and farm

Should raise an alarm

For the long-term health of our nation

Please join us as we aspire to find improved life within the confines of our over-population and endangered environment through life-enhancing exploration and “VIALOG.”


Neo-indigenous – persons not necessarily born on a piece of land, yet living on the land as a steward, with a long-standing commitment to the indigenous environment. It is from these pioneers and carriers of old skills that our alternative, self-sustaining, post-carbon future can evolve.

VIALOG – life-enhancing discussion among many to create a better way.

Rivkah Sweedler