MAG update | Letter

Thank you to the over 100 members of our community who responded to the Music Advocacy Group 20th Anniversary School Benefit Concert‘s fund-raising appeal.

MAG’s letter, published in the Sounder last week, expressed thanks to the community for its contributions of over $8,000 in concert donations in support of the Orcas School Music Program – although we had not reached our $10,000 20th Anniversary goal.

And now we have! Post-concert donations came in through the mail, totaling slightly over $9,000 – when a generous donation was made by long-term MAG supporters Joe Cohen and Martha Farish to lift us over our $10,000 goal!

THANK YOU ALL for encouraging and supporting our Orcas School Music Program! Because of you, music will continue to flourish at Orcas School, changing and enriching lives! Watch for announcements of the school spring music programs on the MAG web page and in the Sounder. Visit us on our webpage at and on Facebook.

Catherine Pederson

President, Music Advocacy Group