It’s now or never | Letter

If we continue to quarrel about the past and present, we may find that we have lost the future.

The proposal to establish a University of Washington Neighborhood Clinic on Orcas is not about today. It is about providing a long-lasting practice well into tomorrow.

All the alternatives to “fix” our fragile healthcare system on Orcas do not address the future. Two of the island’s fine primary physicians are at or nearing retirement age. We have an opportunity before us to plan for the day when our current providers are no longer in practice.

All Orcas residents should be aware that UW Medicine’s proposal to establish a Neighborhood Clinic is a one-time offer to Orcas that will not be repeated. It is now or never; there is no “slow” alternative.

The time is now to send a message to the University of Washington by contributing to the UW Medicine Fund at Key Bank. Let UW know that most of the islanders believe that this is a wonderful opportunity and that we welcome UW Medicine to Orcas. We are grateful that they are offering sustainable world-class healthcare to all islanders for all our future needs.

YOU can make this happen! The fund to raise the monies needed to establish a UW Neighborhood Clinic is growing, but we have not reached our goal. Every contribution is important. Please consider making a donation of any size to the fund to ensure the future of healthcare on Orcas. We have risen to similar challenges in the past. Please help do it again. Thank you.

Catherine Henderson, Leslie Murdock, Douglas Ellis, Bill Tudor, David Slawson, Barbara Bedell, Lance Evans, Scott Williams, Carolyn Morrow Fiscus

OMF Board of Directors