Hearing jet noise | Letter

The hamlet of Olga is a peaceful, neighborly place to live. The occasional car, wood being chopped, a dog barking. Peaceful and nourishing on the senses.

A few months ago, the quiet was interrupted by the sound of jets. This starts at 6:20 a.m. daily, awakening me from sleep. It goes on all day as late as 12:30 in the night. Occasionally it is really loud, but usually, a rumble that interrupts the task at hand.

What has changed? Why the noise? On the San Juan County Jet Aircraft Noise Reporting website, there is a map where a report can be registered by location. You may register the noise in your location to update the survey. This information will be submitted to the air station at Whidbey Island every six months. I mentioned this to an acquaintance and they blurbed something about the price of freedom. I purchased my property because it is quiet and peaceful. This is necessary to my health. What has changed and why do we have this constant jet noise? How can this be stopped?

Suzanne Myers