Healthcare on Orcas: a call to action | Letter

A small group met to consider the question: How can the health needs of Orcas Island best be served?

We agreed that it is in the best interests of our community to support the concept of integrated medical practices i.e., a collaboration among the three practices, and believe that partnering with UWNC (University of Washington Neighborhood Clinics) would greatly enhance the level of medical care. While we are not in favor of bringing in UWNC or any other entity if they come in only supporting the OMC/OMF, we are in favor of working with UWNC to develop a new/different plan. We now have an opportunity to let UWNC know how important it is to the members of our community to integrate the practices as we move toward a relationship with them. Integration will improve the delivery of quality care to everyone in our community and it will increase the likelihood of a sustainable financial future for that care.

We urge you to send emails to Debra Gussin – – and Matthew Sobota – at UWNC, to request that they support the concept of integrated medical practices on Orcas, so as to provide the resources to UWNC to the entire community.

Adaline Adams, BJ Arnold, Dick Arnold, Carol Boring, Dale Heisinger, JoEllen Moldoff, Patsy Stephens and Stu Stephens

Orcas Island