Go see ‘Other Desert Cities’ | Letter

I am not usually one for superlatives, so pardon my gush. If you want to see exceptionally good ensemble acting, presenting a believable and deeply interesting story, go see this play at the Orcas Grange!

Katie Zwilling has thrown her whole being into bringing the character she portrays to real life, and yet she is but the first among equals. Suzanne Gropper does controlled histrionics better than most good actors can, and in this case, she is not only well controlled but also charming and appropriately comic. I’ve watched Indy Zoeller, all the way from what must have been his first stage appearance until now, and he has become a smooth and polished actor who does very well indeed in his particularly difficult, demanding role. We all know that Melinda Milligan is talented, capable, and a solid stage anchor. Her support makes everyone else look good, while she does her own part with effortless grace. And this time, Melinda’s solid, well-anchored performance was equaled by that of her stage partner, Tom Fiscus, who delivered the family patriarch as if he were truly living the job.

Director Lin McNulty has choreographed her talented cast both physically and emotionally, and she has shown them how to make every second of stage time into an audience grabber. The story’s arc will suck you into its suspense and unfolding drama. I know that you will end up sitting at full attention, eyes and ears riveted to this terrifically good play.

It’s one of the best things ever to come to an Orcas Island stage. Go see it!

Steve Henigson