Chain of support | Letter

In the emergency medical world, we often refer to the “chain of survival.” The chain is made up of the individual actions marking each step from emergency to recovery. There is a similar chain in the philanthropic world. This is one of those stories.

Orcas High School publishes the Viking Voice school paper, written and edited by students. This month’s Viking Voice included an article on the high costs of college application fees which in some cases were significant enough to discourage applying. The Islands Sounder included this edition of the Viking Voice in their most recent distributions (a great service helping to connect the larger community to the school).

A local donor read the article and contacted OICF to see if we could work with the High School to address the issue. The school Principal, Kyle Freeman, responded enthusiastically. OIEF (the Education Foundation) offered to manage the financial end, as they already manage scholarship payments to many of the same colleges and universities. And today, less than 2 weeks from the publication of the article, there is a process and funding at the ready to support students in need. Way to go, Team ORCAS!

I love my job. I love working with donors who are passionate about this community. I love working with the schools and students who are passionate about education. I love working with organizations that are generous with their capacity. I love being part of a community that cares.

Keep a look out for Flat Velma- she is on the move! And don’t forget to check out the great opportunities in this year’s Holiday Catalog-

Hilary Canty

Executive Director, Orcas Island Community Foundation