Boteler for PHD commissioner | Letter

We have recently read a list of responsibilities for hospital commissioner, and it is clear to us how vitally important it is to get the right people for these positions.

We are thrilled that Diane L. Boteler, M.D. is willing to step up and offer her assistance for the position of hospital commissioner position No. 4. Orcas Island is at a crossroads regarding medical care, and we believe Dr. Boteler has the best qualifications to serve.

We have served on the board of the Mt. Woolard Owners Association with Diane for many years and have never been disappointed; we have consistently been inspired by her thoughtful deliberation, ability to discern priorities, respect for others’ input, commitment to positive collaboration and her clarity in communication.

She is smart, funny, empathic and compassionate. Plus, her wealth of experience in local and off-island medical communities provides her with examples of what works best, as well as a wealth of networking contacts.

I believe all who know Diane will understand that she is offering to provide this service for the good of the community. We are grateful she is running and cannot wait to vote for her!

Kate Pruett and Jim Bredouw

Orcas Island