Tee-Jay’s Cafe opens in Odd Fellows

The Odd Fellows kitchen, on Madrona Point, has a new food venue. Open Thursday, Friday and Saturday each week from 11 a.m.. to 8 p.m., they call themselves Tee-Jay’s Cafe.

“The name isn’t really all that important to us as getting the word out that we want to offer really good, home-style food at a great price at the Odd Fellows,” said co-owner Timothy Bonner, the T in Tee Jay’s. “After all, the locals on Orcas know the Odd Fellows as a long term place where little restaurants come and go, so we are more interested in letting people know when and where we’re at and that it happens to be called Tee Jay’s.” The restaurant has three different menus on three different days. Thursday is Mexican food. “We used to be Taco Tuesday,” says Jon Welch, the Jay in Tee Jay, “but we moved from Tuesday to Thursday, so we just call it Taco Thursday now. It’s not as catchy or traditional, but it is what it is. We still have a Twitter account called TacoTues, which we use. We offer a nice little variety every Thursday. We have tacos, quesadillas and burritos, all for $3 each, or a plate-up of two items plus rice and beans for $10. All of our a la carte items can be ordered with beef, chicken, pork, fish or vegetarian.” Friday at the Odd Fellows is fish Friday. The menu is built around hand-dipped rock fish and home cut french fries. Shrimp and clam chowder are also available as well as specials. Saturday is Chinese style noodles. “Keeping with our alliterative motif of naming the day with the food, we sometimes refer to Saturday as Soup-er Saturday,” Bonner said. “But I think that may fade away since we are steadily moving toward a straight-up mini Chinese menu. Noodles and stir fry veg with your choice of meat or tofu, as well as chicken teriyaki, mongolian beef and sweet-sour pork – bowl style – served with rice.” Tee-Jay’s cafe was motivated to open at the Odd Fellows because of a successful summer at the Orcas Island Farmer’s Market. “In addition to our tacos, fish, and noodle bar, we offer the pulled pork – as well as a great meatball sandwich – all three days,” Bonner said. Bonner and Welch have worked in various restaurants for a combined 10 years on Orcas Island. The Odd Fellows kitchen number is 376-6337 to place an order.