Plummer opens Sugar Baby Specialty Cakes

Jami Plummer with the Chocolate Diablo cake

They call it the Chocolate Diablo for a reason: it’s devil’s food cake with whipped dark chocolate and chili, cocoa, cinnamon ganache.

And who dreamed up this devilish creation? Master baker Jami Plummer.

The long-time Orcas resident has just launched Sugar Baby Specialty Cakes. Originally baking out of her home, she has recently set up shop in a commercial kitchen in Eastsound. She takes orders for wedding and birthday cakes and supplies two desserts for the New Leaf Cafe: carrot cake and the Chocolate Diablo.

Plummer says she loves baking because it is “like creating sculptures.”

“I love the artistry behind it,” she said. “It’s very rewarding … when people gush about your work. And, who doesn’t love cake?”

Plummer grew up on Orcas, and was first introduced to the world of cooking by Christina Orchid.

“I worked at Christina’s in high school,” she said. “She showed me how to make wedding cakes.”

Plummer lived in Seattle for 10 years, where she worked for Parisian Star Desserts. While she learned a lot about form and presentation while there, it wasn’t until she began baking at home this past year that she honed her craft.

“My recent venture has required lots of practice,” Plummer said. “And a lot of free birthday cakes for family members!”

She plans to offer special cakes for Christmas, Easter, and Mother’s Day. Some of her most popular items are a vanilla bourbon cake, Irish stout cake with chocolate ganache, and a honey lavendar cake. She has donated several cakes to local auctions.

Plummer’s favorite item to prepare is cupcakes. She recently created a “stained glass” batch that were decorated with five different colors of sugar.

Plummer and her partner Steve Wright recently welcomed daughter Tatum Audrey into their lives, and it’s been a challenge juggling her time in the kitchen with motherhood.

“But I have a good support system,” she said. “Tatum has her aunties who hang out with her.”

Plummer began baking from home while pregnant, and on Valentine’s Day of this year, she went to every hotel and restaurant on the island with samples of her goods. Sugar Baby’s official launch date was June 1.

“This is a great place to have a business,” Plummer said.

To contact Sugar Baby Specialty Cakes

Contact Jami Plummer at, call 376-1056, or email She needs at least 24 hours notice to whip up one of her creations.