EWUA receives Wash. state DOH performance award

The Washington State Department of Health has recognized Eastsound Water Users Association for “outstanding performance and treatment plant optimization”.

EWUA is one of only five water systems in the state to receive this performance award this year. The Water Treatment Optimization Program is a Department of Health (DOH) initiative that challenges water systems to meet significantly higher water quality standards than are required by law.

Among the key water quality standards is “turbidity”, a measure of treated water clarity. Industry research has shown that treatment plants that produce the clearest water are also most effective in removing contaminants.

The state standard for turbidity is 0.3 Nephelometric Turbidity Units (NTU), while the optimization program goal is 0.1 NTU. EWUA has continuously maintained turbidity below the challenging 0.1 NTU level at the Purdue Lake Treatment Plant for three consecutive years between 2007 and 2009.

“Achieving consistent high drinking water quality like this is a mark of a highly dedicated and skilled water system staff” said Denise Clifford, Director of the DOH’s Office of Drinking Water. Congratulations go to EWUA’s Operations Staff Ted Wixom, John Kaltenbach, Adam Bartram and Bill Johnson.

For more information, contact EWUA General Manager Paul Kamin at pkamin@rockisland.com or 376-2127.