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Orcas student on FH wrestling team heads for regional tournament

Beau Wiebe, an Orcas Island student, who wrestles with the Friday Harbor…

  • Feb 13th, 2018 12:24pm

Dennis John Bredahl | Passages

Dennis John Bredahl passed away unexpectedly while helping a neighbor on his…

  • Jan 8th, 2018 10:18am

Pauline I. Beemer | 1921 – 2018

Pauline I. Beemer, age 96, of Eastsound, WA and Colon, Michigan passed…

  • Jan 4th, 2018 11:58am
Staff photo/Hayley Day
                                Before the ban, the San Juan Island Transfer Station accepted items on the above list, posted at the center.

Chinese ban sends San Juan recyclables to landfills

San Juan Transfer Station Recycling no longer accepts co-mingled or mixed materials for recycling.

  • Nov 10th, 2017 11:56am
Staff photo/Hayley Day
                                Before the ban, the San Juan Island Transfer Station accepted items on the above list, posted at the center.

San Juan County settles with alleged assault victim

A convicted felon, who claims she was assaulted by the San Juan…

  • Sep 11th, 2017 5:16pm

Lopez man charged with possession of methamphetamines

On May 10, John Gardener Fox, 46, of Lopez, was arrested for…

  • Aug 4th, 2017 1:13pm

Can you bear it? | Editorial

The black bear is a symbol of protection, a scavenger, a beautiful…

  • Jun 3rd, 2017 1:30am

Richard Lally memorial

The memorial for Richard Lally is 3 p.m. this Saturday, May 20…

  • May 17th, 2017 8:44pm

Grellet-Tinner’s charges dismissed, former Orcas teacher seeks $10 million

The Orcas high school teacher previously found guilty of sexual misconduct with…

  • May 2nd, 2017 10:02am

Great Islands Clean-Up returns on Earth Day

When you start picking through trash you never know what might show…

  • Apr 17th, 2017 9:56am

When we lose community members too soon | Editorial

Life is precious. This is not a new adage, but when two…

  • Apr 12th, 2017 1:30am

Facts and opinions, where newspapers draw the line | Editorial

What is the difference between a staff-generated newspaper article, an editorial and…

  • Mar 8th, 2017 1:30am

Disgraced detective involved in delayed filing of rape case

Jose Cruz Churape-Martinez, 26, of Friday Harbor, is charged with rape of…

  • Mar 8th, 2017 1:30am

Woodland Tax Solutions celebrates opening

Lopez resident Sara Waugh has started a new accounting and tax preparation…

  • Feb 22nd, 2017 1:30am

String of burglaries allegedly tied together

(Official charges have not been made for individuals mentioned below, therefore the…

  • Feb 17th, 2017 2:07pm

When pigs swim

If only pigs could fly, they wouldn’t have to swim. Ferry workers…

  • Feb 16th, 2017 12:21pm

Olga Road opening and subject detained | Update

A welfare check on an Orcas resident resulted in a standoff on…

  • Jan 28th, 2017 2:25pm

Baby Derby winner 2017

The first baby of the year arrived right on time on Jan.…

  • Jan 9th, 2017 11:39am

Friday Harbor man pleads guilty to one count of child molestation

(Warning: This story contains disturbing details about the alleged sexual assault against…

  • Jan 7th, 2017 1:30am

FH man charged with trafficking in stolen property

Joshua Daniel Treleven, 37, of Friday Harbor is charged with trafficking in…

  • Dec 10th, 2016 1:30am

Standing Rock walkout on Orcas

Orcas Islander Jan Ehrlichman volunteered two weeks ago at the Standing Rock…

  • Nov 30th, 2016 5:14pm

We need a united front at home | Editorial

Last Wednesday, voters woke up to heavy rain and dark skies. At…

  • Nov 17th, 2016 1:30am

Crime briefs | Orcas man charged with burglary; FH man charged with meth possession

Friday Harbor man charged with meth possession Bradley Jason Faylor, 30, of…

  • Nov 11th, 2016 10:28am

Watson and Hughes take the lead in council race

In the race for San Juan County Council District 1, Bill Watson…

  • Nov 8th, 2016 8:30pm

What happened to the storm?

After several severe storm warnings and the canceling of many community events, the final numbers show gusts reached 70 miles per hour on the coast and 40 in the interior of Western Washington. Eastsound experienced wind gusts up to 32 mph on Friday, and 39 mph on Saturday. As for the severe weather warning, most islanders are asking, "Where did the storm go?"

  • Oct 17th, 2016 10:07pm

Centerplate replaces ferry food vendor this fall

On Oct. 1, Washington State Ferries began transitioning from its previous food vendor, Olympic Cascade Services, to Centerplate. Olympic Cascade Service has until Oct. 10 to vacate the San Juan Island ferries.

  • Oct 9th, 2016 8:30am

Four survive Kenmore plane crash in Cattle Pass, San Juan Island

At 8:45 this morning, a Kenmore plane with four passengers went down in Cattle Pass off the shore of San Juan Island. Good Samaritan aboard the vessel Northern Rose recovered four people, one woman and three men, in the water. According to San Juan County Sheriff Ron Krebs, all the plane crash survivors are alive with minor injuries and are being treated at a nearby hospital. One person has a slight laceration and the others have possible hypothermia. According to a KIRO 7 news report the Kenmore Air flight departed from Lake Union at 8 a.m. on Friday, Sept. 30.

  • Sep 30th, 2016 6:09pm

Islander stars in Seattle play

It's been called "a dirty act done publicly;" it "grabs you by the throat and never releases," and it disturbs.

  • Sep 19th, 2016 11:01pm

Two Minnesota men found in apparent murder-suicide on Lopez were part of sexual assault investigation

Two Minnesota men were found dead on a Lopez Island beach last week. In the wake of their murder-suicide, an even darker story has emerged: the couple was allegedly involved in the sexual abuse of a 16-year-old-boy.

  • Sep 1st, 2016 12:25am

Local diver dies near Johns Island

A local diver died after experiencing medical complications near Johns Island on Tuesday afternoon.

  • Aug 31st, 2016 5:28pm

Friday Harbor woman charged with vehicular assault

Jessica Lynne Whitis, 25, of Friday Harbor, is charged with vehicular assault, assault in the third degree, two counts of reckless endangerment, violating a no-contact/protect order for domestic violence, driving under the influence and resisting arrest. Her arraignment is set for Sept. 2 in San Juan Superior Court.

  • Aug 25th, 2016 8:20pm

Lopez woman charged with malicious mischief

Megan Christine Mackinnon, 27, of Arlington, Wash., is charged with malicious mischief in the first degree.

  • Aug 17th, 2016 11:25pm

Grellet-Tinner sentencing on Aug. 10

A jury found 59-year-old Orcas Island High School teacher Gerald Grellet-Tinner guilty of two counts of Sexual Misconduct in the FirstDegree.

  • Jul 28th, 2016 8:39pm

Sexual assault survivors share their stories

He was an older man and Susan had just turned 18. After he started physically and sexually assaulting her, she was ashamed and afraid that the community would not stand by her if she left him. When she thought he would actually kill her – seven years into their relationship – she ran away with nothing but a few clothes. She was free from bodily harm, but she had to face another obstacle: the people who did not believe her.

  • Jun 17th, 2016 7:38pm

Creating a safe space for victims to be heard

In the last five years, crime stories we report on are indeed becoming more disturbing. In the last six months we have seen a slew of crime involving sexual assaults. The most upsetting story that has ever come across my desk was this week's article involving the severe abuse of a toddler. (Read more about this story in this week's edition). These stories beg the question, why is this happening?

  • Jun 8th, 2016 8:30am

Man charged with sexual assault against a 20-month-old

Warning: This story contains disturbing details about alleged sexual assault against a child.

  • Jun 1st, 2016 5:05pm

Lopez man charged with unlawful possession of firearm

By Cali Bagby

  • May 28th, 2016 8:30am

Voters upset with Larsen’s endorsement of Clinton

Rep. Rick Larsen has his constituents questioning his choices after a recent endorsement on Facebook from the congressman.

  • Mar 30th, 2016 5:49pm

Council upholds pesticide ban

The discussion as to whether consider pesticides originated with a request from the noxious weed board for the council to explore alternative ways to control harmful plants.

  • Nov 9th, 2015 9:14pm

Teetering on the edge of extinction

With a massive body and a mouth that emerges from the deep blue like a man-made dungeon cell, the basking shark resembles a great and terrible monster.

  • Oct 20th, 2015 6:24pm